1.Contact us-tours booking

"Book Preview" to have served in the mail or on the phone.
Would you like to adjust.
contact us on the phone and booking TEL:080-1411-6745con
tact us by email and make a reservation s.kadoura8@gmail.com


In fact private, please check environment and atmosphere of the property.
In addition to live and let's talk to.
Residents are gathered from various countries and regions.Think, you want to enjoy each other and respect each other's culture.

To refuse in consideration of people * already living there.
* Please consult difficult advance Preview in application from overseas or distant.

3Tenancy application

Residents decide the conclusion of the occupancy date of the agreement.
During the contract, please copy of identification card (student ID).


4.Deposit fee (*)

Required payment ago specified date or tenancy.

* As the handling fee, departure cleaning fee of 15000 yen.


After the move enjoy student life and student life.

Please wan
t to leave planned moving out date two months prior to that.We will surrender as tenant at will.